Demolition Dump Trailer

Demolition Dump Trailer

Demolition Dump Trailer - Experience the Globe Trailer Difference

Demolition Dump Trailer Powdercoated

Powder Coated Performance - Impact resistance, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, of powder coatings are better than with liquid paints. Powder coated parts resist cracking, peeling, and marring during handling and normal service use.

Demolition Dump Trailer STEMCO

Stemco Wheel End Warranty - Proven, know wheel end design resulting in no costly equipment changes. Platinum-level performance seals, nuts, caps, and bearings with 5 years limited parts & labor warranty.

Demolition Dump Trailer Warranty

Structural Warranty - We are the only trailer company that offers a 10 year structural warranty on our trailers!


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About Demolition Dump Trailer Options and Globe Trailers

Find out below why we are one of the largest suppliers of trailers to the U.S. Military!

Demolition Dump Trailer - Established in the early 1980s Globe Trailers established a reputation of quality, value and superior customer satisfaction. In 2004 Globe Trailers was purchased by the Walter’s family whose 60 year history as the world’s leading Manufacturing and Engineering of Welding and Cutting replacement components gave them the expertise to greatly improve upon existing trailer designs.Our trailers are manufactured in Bradenton, FL in our 60,000 square foot facility covering 10 acres. The equipment used for manufacturing our Demolition Dump Trailer includes computerized plasma burning tables, optical beam cutting machines, state of the art welding machines, overhead crane systems, milling machines, cutting shears, and CNC Whitney punches. Additionally, our plant also has its own in house sandblasting and paint facilities. Our welders are all certified up to AWS T-1 steel and are government certified.We are proud of our trailers and our employees.

That's why Globe Trailers offers the best warranty in the trailer industry, and why we here at Globe Trailers say,

Demolition Dump Trailer - There "IS" A World Of Difference


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