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All Globe Hydraulic Trailers are 100% powder coat finished. The entire process takes place at Globe’s manufacturing facility.This eliminates the possibility of contamination occurring in transit between process phases. The process starts with sandblasting the trailer to near white, preheating the trailer steel in a dedicated, gas fired oven to optimum bonding temperature and applying an electrostatically charged zinc rich primer. The trailer then goes back in the oven to allow the primer to bond. After the primer has bonded, a top coat chosen from one of Globe Trailers’ 188 color options is applied before once more going back in the oven to cure. The result is a durable, easily cleaned finish that protects the trailer from corrosion and ensures a long service life.

Globe Trailers can powder coat to the color of your choice.

All Lighting is LED and mounted in rubber grommets to DOT standards.

Constructed of high quality steel allowing for longer trailer life and greater durability. Main beams constructed using 14” steel beams.

5 year wheel end warranty. Guardian wheel seals, Pro-Torq spindle nuts and Sentinel hub caps.

2 speed Landing Gear, allows for 160,000 lbs static load.

Winch Controls Located on the driver side of the neck.

25,000 lbs capacity axles.

Head Rack Optional detachable steel bulkhead, 48” high with optional work lights.

The Hydraulic Tail is a bi-fold that extends to allow easy loading of equipment with a very low load angle. In the transportation mode the flip under ramp folds into the beaver tail for a shorter overall trailer length.

Available options for 12,000 to 30,000 lb hydraulic winch system. Mounted front and center of the upper deck. Standard cable length of 85’ with shackle. Cable length options are available.

Gasoline 10, 11 or 13 Horse Power Pony provides the hydraulic operation of the tail. Self-contained under the neck.

Look, choosing the hydraulic right trailer can save you both time and money. It can also make your business more reliable and save you considerable frustration in the long run. It’s important to consider the manufacturer when purchasing a trailer for the first time. More often than not it’s better to consult a dealer. They will often have stock on site for you to view and decide in person which trailer is right for you. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the history of a manufacture. Ensure that whatever manufacturer you choose has the proper certifications and approvals such as ISO 9001 Equivalent, DCMA, GSA, & DLA Approved Quality System’s.


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